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What the …? Chart of Accounts Explained

September 2, 2015

“What…in the WORLD…am I looking at? “ you may be wondering. If you own a business and you hope to make ANY relatively informed decisions about the future of said business, you’ll want to become best friends with this list:

When you do what you love…

August 26, 2015|Kristy Monahan

What did you want to be when you grew up?

I had an ambitious career path mapped out. I planned to be a doctor-slash-lawyer-slash-actress-slash-singer-slash-CEO-slash-mom. I was going to do it all. I’m sure many of your career goals at the

Thanks for stopping by!

August 14, 2015

Hello friends, and thanks for visiting Dynamic Bookkeeping. It is my intent to keep you up to date here with important info like tips, tricks, deadlines, FYI’s, and the occasional cat video. Or dog video. Or funny comic. It’s kind of hard for