I was so scared.

When I went full tilt into Dynamic Bookkeeping a little over a year ago, I will admit, I was scared to death.  Aren’t we all when we jump?  Not only was I leaving a full-time job with great pay and benefits, but my husband was NOT excited about this change.

Ever had the feeling that you just KNOW something?  That gut-level knowing?  Well, I had it.  And that’s why I took a leap of faith.  I remember my husband saying he “wished” he had as much faith as I did that it was all going to be okay.  That we would not only make ends meet but also be comfortable and have all we needed.  I wasn’t sure how it was going to happen, but I had to trust my gut.

Dynamic Bookkeeping is truly my dream come true.  I get to do what I love for people that I love, watch small businesses grow and create jobs for others, be home with my kids when they’re not in school, and live a life surrounded by family, friends, and travel.  I am so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve my community and be a part of something so much greater than myself.

There were, of course, plenty of bumps in the road.  Times I doubted myself, doubted my ability, doubted I was cut out to be a business owner.  I’ve learned so much from both the positive and the negative.  I’ve grown as an accountant and as an entrepreneur.  I’ve made wonderful connections with professionals who are far smarter and further along in their businesses than I am.  They’ve graciously taken me under their wings and taught me the ropes so I wouldn’t have to reinvent the wheel.  There is still so much more to learn.

If you have a knowing…if your gut is telling you something…something that you are so sure of.  Don’t ignore it.  Follow your gut, your heart, your intuition, whatever you want to call it.  Life is too short to not give yourself a chance to do something great. Believe that there are others you will meet on your way down that will help you craft your parachute.

Don’t be scared.