What do you do when your mind says no, but your gut says yes?

How do you wade in those waters? Do you find peace in rationalizing? Or do you do an all-mighty gut check no matter the outcome?

I frequently find myself in that polarizing tug of war. On paper things look great. Budget is reasonable, people involved are reasonable, process is foolproof. So, why that nagging feeling? What is missing?

Conversely, the deep-seeded passion can be alive and very loud. Who cares about the costs, the outcome, the people involved? This is what you were put on this earth to do! Go and do it!

Logic and intuition can frequently be at odds with one another; but I firmly believe we are on this earth to learn how to make peace and use both methods in harmony. How do we do this? By allowing a little fear of the unknown, a little anxiety into our lives.

We can plan for several years for the perfect event. No stone unturned. What happens when all of the details are pre-arranged? No spontenaeity and the possibility to be completely blindsided if things go awry. On the other hand, we may decide to just “show up” and let the event unfold in whatever way it does without any planning whatsoever. This method can lead to an event that potentially bombs.

Instead, I contend you can utilize both. Create a framework, a workflow, and then let go. Let go of perfection, let go of what I call those “white picket fence” dreams. Live in the moment and realize that you’ve provided the framework for success and laugh about the results after.

View yourself as a kid’s bounce castle. You have some structure, some form, some boundaries. But you can also be flexible, fun, and provide those inside an opportunity to stretch everyone around them. You will never have any regrets if you approach all things in life from the perspective of a bouncy house.

No brick walls, no open air. A marriage of the two.