Recently, a client and I were having a discussion about the merits of migrating his books from QuickBooks desktop to QuickBooks Online.  A common concern arose: “Why would I pay a monthly subscription fee when I’ve got the desktop version right here and it works fine?”  It occurred to me in that moment that those of us in the accounting industry who leverage technology don’t always do a great job of “selling” the benefits of cloud accounting to our clients – we take it as a given that they will join us without question.  So, below I bring up the most common questions/concerns I’ve heard and the responses I provide.

 I don’t want to pay for a monthly subscription, I can use desktop as long as I want.  This is partially true – you can use desktop as long as you’d like.  However, Intuit officially stops supporting their desktop versions as soon as they hit 3 years old.  This means that some of the features you may have come to rely on will no longer work, or may be buggy.  Further, as Microsoft continues to update Windows, you may find yourself with a version of QuickBooks that is no longer compatible with your operating system.

Conversely, QuickBooks Online is ALWAYS up to date.  Intuit rolls out features and bug fixes all the time to ensure your QBO experience is smooth and on the cutting edge.  The cost of the subscription when partnered with a QuickBooks ProAdvisor or accountant that offers wholesale pricing is essentially the same or even less expensive than purchasing the new desktop software each year.

Having my financial information in the cloud isn’t secure.   I must respectfully disagree.  Your information is already in the cloud, whether you access it or not.  Unless you’re operating your business off the grid and in cash, you’re in the cloud.  QuickBooks Online uses bank-level encryption and has built-in redundancies to ensure security and essentially no service interruptions.

I love being tied down to my desk in order to access my accounting software.  Okay, so this isn’t really a “common” argument I hear.  But it is worth noting that QuickBooks Online allows your business to be mobile.  You can create invoices and track time in the field, take payments from your smartphone or tablet, sit by the pool while you classify transactions and access customer data from anywhere you have an internet connection.  QBO allows multiple users AND free accountant access.

Gone are the days of saving a back up to a disk and bringing it into the CPA to have taxes done; now you send an invite to your accountant and voila! Access is granted.  Your tax professional can make adjustments right there in the file without saving another back up that you will then need to restore into your books.  Let’s hope you hadn’t been working in your company file while these adjustments were being made….once the back up is restored, all that hard work is gone.  No bueno, indeed.

Some businesses tried to use virtual servers like RightNetworks to “host” their QuickBooks desktop file online in order to have access from anywhere.  Not only is this FAR more expensive than the cost of a QBO subscription, but the process of getting on these remote servers and ensuring more than one user wasn’t working in them at the same time was a nightmare.  QBO allows multiple users to be in the file at the same time and has built-in warnings if something is being edited by two or more users simultaneously.

But how do you get my transactions if you don’t come into my office to review my receipts and statements?  Did you know that QuickBooks Online connects directly to your business banking and credit card accounts to pull your banking data in nightly?  All that is needed is a quick glance to ensure the transaction is classified properly.  Best of all, once you classify a transaction a certain way, QBO will “remember” so the next time the same vendor comes through it can be auto-classified.  Since all transactions have come through the bank, your account is essentially reconciled once these charges and deposits are added to your books!

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