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Let’s Clean Up This Mess!

Posted by Kristy Monahan on  January 30, 2017
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Get your books cleaned up now or spend your audit sweating bullets. It’s everybody’s favorite time of year!  Tax Time! Cue the crickets… Okay, okay, it’s likely the most dreaded time of the year.  We check the glove box, the dashboard, purses, and wallets for crinkled-up receipts, barely legible from sitting in the sun.  We grab every spare paper, statement, and invoice, throw it all in a shoe box, and head for the accountant’s office. Time

Payroll Taxes: Explained

Posted by Kristy Monahan on  January 21, 2017
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Ah, payroll taxes.  They seem so straightforward, yet they’re anything but.  Even some of the most seasoned accounting pros have to pull out the good ‘ole T-account scratch paper to help make sense of what is going on!  If payroll taxes confuse you, know that you are not alone. For simplicity’s sake, I’m only going to attempt to tackle the most common federal taxes, also known as Social Security, Medicare, and Withholding (which are reported
In my line of work, it’s quite common to see employees being paid as independent contractors in a small business.  With the holidays behind us, it’s also common to see employee bonuses handed out as a reward for all of the hard work.  However, according to the January issue of The General Ledger (a monthly newsletter given to members of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers), these scenarios could now land business owners in jail. White collar

Reflections on 2016

Posted by Kristy Monahan on  December 30, 2016
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I was so scared. When I went full tilt into Dynamic Bookkeeping a little over a year ago, I will admit, I was scared to death.  Aren’t we all when we jump?  Not only was I leaving a full-time job with great pay and benefits, but my husband was NOT excited about this change. Ever had the feeling that you just KNOW something?  That gut-level knowing?  Well, I had it.  And that’s why I took
Lately, I’ve noticed an uptick in clients from the health and wellness industry wanting to move to the cloud.  QuickBooks Online is such a GREAT fit for this industry, but there are some things you should know. Per Intuit’s support community: “Currently, QuickBooks Online (QBO) meets industry standards for online security, but is not compliant with the HIPAA standards for privacy. If you are a health care professional using QBO, it is not recommended that you enter

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