I need to get this blog post out.  I need to finish an accounting project, schedule two phone calls, send out a quote for new services, and create a new graphic for a web page idea that’s been floating around in my noggin for months.

My kids are on Midwinter Break.  In between journal entries, I’m making sandwiches, starting movies, kissing ouchies and moderating arguments.

How in the world do I juggle all of this?  How do I take care of my kids, my house, my clients AND attempt to grow my business?  Where do I find the time to stay on top of business trends, new apps, changes to the tax code and changes to my kids’ shoe size?  Does this sound familiar to anyone else?

I don’t pretend to have the answers to the age old question of making work and life balance.  I don’t believe anyone does, truly.  I remember searching for clues at the beginning of this journey.  At a conference held by my local tribe of accounting warriors called The QuickSource, a very successful business owner (cough…Matt Rissell of T-Sheets) said (paraphrased), “you have to know when to fire yourself.  It’s important to recognize those tasks you aren’t good at, those things that you don’t have time for, and those things you wish you could hand off to someone else.  That’s when you fire yourself from those duties and hire someone who IS good at the tasks you aren’t, who DOES have the time you don’t and finds joy in the tasks that you would love to give away.”

A lightbulb appeared in the darkness and it occurred to me I wasn’t following this advice.  Could I manage my website?  Sure, but it would take me 5 hours where it would take a webmaster or tech company 30 minutes.  What could I be doing in that 5 hours?

I could finish this blog post, the accounting project and send out that quote.

Could I turn this chicken-scratch drawing of mine into a responsive graphic that would look great on said web page?  Not a chance.  Is it worth it to see my idea become a functioning reality by hiring a graphic artist?  Someone with the talent, passion and know how?  You bet.

Could I find someone to schedule those phone calls, respond to emails, and help me get more organized so I could find my files?  Absolutely.

Managing our businesses by doing what we do best (and outsourcing the rest) should be viewed as an investment in the growth of our companies.  With the time saved by handing off the tasks that I don’t love or am not great at, I can focus more energy on the parts I love and the reason I went into business. I’m thankful every day to my village who provide me with the time and space to make my dream a reality.

And cuddle my kids.